//Hübsch, Bakke sæt á to stk.

Hübsch, Bakke sæt á to stk.

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Baking set from Hübsch – 2 pcs.

Bakery from the Danish brand Hübsch, in an elegant and simple design.
With this fine baking tray in Hübsch oak wood, you can create an elegant and cozy atmosphere in your home. Use the Hübsch fine baking tray to serve or inspire to use it as a beautiful decoration in your home. The oak baking tray is beautiful and decorative in the home. The baking tray from Hübsch consists of two slopes in two different sizes and fits perfectly with the unique designs of minifabrikken.nu.

Combine the beautiful slopes with kitchen or coffee bar decorations and create a complete look.

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Hübsch tray set


Small: 25 x 35 cm.
Large: 35 x 47 cm


Light ewefine with a mdf kernel.

Sold together 2 pcs.

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